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A Little About Me...

Growing up in the sprawl of Manhattan known as central New Jersey, I spent my summers with my family along the Jersey Shore. But, it was my time in upstate New York's Finger Lakes Region during college and graduate school that gave me a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature. Having relocated to the Bay Area 10 years ago, my love of nature, the inspiration and solitude it can provide has only grown. I try to be outside as much as possible, whether it's to get on my bike, be in the garden, hike, go camping or snowboard. My partner in crime, Kim, and I spend our time together walking our dogs, Nico and Diablo, in Redwood Regional Park, a local gem in the Oakland Hills. We're both avid travelers who never shy away from an adventure.

Diablo, always up for anything

Chris and Kim at the edge of the Grand Canyon 

Happily lost in the woods...again... 

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